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Inner Child Work: The Hidden Solution to Healing our Global Mental Health Crisis

The future of anxiety and depression treatment isn’t therapy—it’s inner child work. In this article I will briefly explain what the inner child is, signs your inner child is wounded and simple but powerful exercises to help reparent your inner child and reprogram your subconscious. Read more to discover why the popular mental health treatments today fall short and how inner child work is the long-term solution to heal anxiety and depression.

HypnotherapySubconscious MindThe Inner Child

How I Healed Anxiety Without Drugs—The Power of Hypnotherapy & Inner Child Work

This inspirational story takes you on a year-long journey of one of my anxiety patients named Erin Chesterton. Like many people I treat, she was desperate for alternative options to heal anxiety after decades of drugs and talk therapy. Her medication had unbearable side effects and she hit a plateau. Her intuition told her that there was deeper work to be done. As a result of our work together in hypnotherapy, she made more progress in just a few weeks than she did in over five years of talk therapy and got off her medication entirely. Here’s her truth:

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Hypnotherapy: The Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual benefits

Mental wellness impacts endless aspects of your life: your physical health, your relationships, your creativity… the list is endless. Achieving mental wellness is another feat and requires inviting someone else into the process. Working with a therapist or psychiatrist to discuss your inner battles is a fantastic start to your mental wellness journey, but there