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Hi, I am Zhanna Bright, a hypnotherapist and mind-body practitioner with over a decade in private practice. I help young women and men to reprogram limiting beliefs, overcome childhood wounds and trauma. Rewire dysfunctional relationship patterns through advanced inner child work using the power of hypnosis and regression therapy. So they can finally end the emotional mess and mental suffering. 
Realize their full potential and purpose they are here to fulfill.



Inner Child and Unresolved Childhood Trauma Healing
Inner Child and Unresolved Childhood Trauma Healing
Rewiring Unhealthy Love Relationship Patterns
Rewiring Unhealthy Love Relationship Patterns
Past Life Regression Therapy and Unwinding Past Karma
Past Life Regression Therapy and Unwinding Past Karma
Reprogramming False Limiting Belief Systems
Reprogramming False Limiting Belief Systems


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Past Life Regression


National Health Magazine

0 number of sessions with 38% recovery in Psychoanalysis
0 number of sessions with 72% recovery in Behavior therapy
0 number of sessions with 93% recovery in Hypnotherapy


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After 10+ years of cognitive behavioral therapy (“talk therapy”) and numerous self-help conferences and seminars, I was still finding myself having the same recurring negative patterns in work, life, and relationships. In working with Zhanna through Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, I feel that I am finally making progress on these areas! I find myself listening to myself and trusting myself more and more. Thank you Zhanna, you are magic!

Melisa C.


Zhanna is by far one of the most gifted and intuitive healers I have worked with. A rare gem! I came to her, having seen many other therapists prior, all unsuccessful and “by the book.”  Not only did she help me understand my childhood trauma (and myself better), but we also released it from the body/mind using hypnosis. Past life regression was explained to me in a way that makes sense and the session was amazing. In the process of healing my trauma, Zhanna provided me with useful tools to effectively deal with my anxiety. I learned healthy ways to cope with life and love myself.

Katherine S.


I’ve had two Past Life Regression sessions with Zhanna. She is very intuitive and kind. The sound of her voice feels very calming and at the same time supportive. I had unforgettable experience of going through the whole story of my past lives, seeing a lot of details and things that were important for me to discover and release. This experience brought a lot of clarity to my current challenges and fears. I would recommend Zhanna Bright not just as a great Hypnotherapist but as a healer who can help you explore yourself on a deeper level.

Yana R.


I visited Zhanna to receive hypnotherapy to overcome obstacles that have been holding me back in my career. WOW… We peeled away the onion layers. As God may have it, her sessions were in alignment with a toxic being resurfacing in my life. I learned so much about myself during this time through our sessions. My friends and colleagues noticed a much more calm, present, aware, stronger and positive being. My self esteem AND confidence started to come back. I look forward to working with Zhanna again. She is the BRIGHT light.

Erika M.


Working with Zhanna has changed my life in dynamic, positive and sustainable ways. She is knowledgeable, kind, intuitive, attentive, generous and encouraging. And even if this sounds a bit over the top and flowery, I assure you my words have real substance. I couldn’t give her a higher endorsement. Two. Thumbs. Up!!

Alan S.


I came to Zhanna at one of the darkest times of my life and a few months later I am a new person. With every new session I had a feeling that my mind opens up, becomes brighter and clearer. Things that used to worry me, now make me smile and give me confidence that I can achieve anything I want. And as my journey of self growth is continuing, thanks to Zhanna I am eager to follow it without any fear. 5 stars from me. If you want to change the world around you, start with your mind!

Nigina N.


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