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How Soul Congruency can help you heal, grow and unearth your own Hypnotic Potential?

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Hello my name is Zhanna Bright, 

I am a certified clinical Hypnotherapist and Inner Child Expert

with over a decade of experience in healing modalities and health education.

Soul Congruency was born after many years of healing my own wounds and traumas,

overcoming limiting beliefs and diving deep into my mind and soul.

Today I help young women and men (23-35 y.o.) to get unstuck and move forward in life, love and work/purpose

using therapeutic HypnosisRegression, Breath work, Nervous System regulation exercises,

the unique Neuro Graphic method and other tools for personal growth and healing.

Past Life Regression Therapy is available for those wanting to explore deeper. 

If you are ready to learn from the past, so you can let it go and move forward to embrace all the goodness that life has planned for you, talk to me.

If traditional psychotherapy, EMDR, self help books, seminars and yoga retreats did not work, you are in the right place, I can help.

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