Past Life Regression

Only in person sessions available in Encinitas, CA

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a therapeutic technique used to uncover and heal current symptoms of physical, mental and emotional challenges.  Sometimes it’s simply a matter of discovering a source origin of the issue and when it actually started. When the core issue is revealed and resolved, the symptoms will often disappear. We are complex beings and we carry memories in our cells, DNA as well as the subconscious mind. Most of the things you might be dealing with are only symptoms and repetitive karmic “lessons” that haven’t been processed yet. That is why they manifest in your life as blocks, barriers, bad luck, phobias, chronic health issues or loneliness. Therefore addressing the origin instead of the symptom might end the cycle of suffering by facing and healing that which was screaming to get your attention.

Past Life Regression therapy is most effective when performed in-person by a certified Hypnotherapist and Regressionist, a professional who knows not only how to take you to another time you might have lived but also how to address the issues, so you can heal and benefit from this deep work.

PLR session usually lasts 3-4 hours and requires a specific setting that is provided in my office space. 

BONUS: Incarnational Numerology Method

 Incarnational numerology, is a unique method that comes as a Bonus for every client that is doing PLR work with me. It helps to deepen and personalize the regression journey by understanding  and addressing specific points, rather than randomly traveling through time and space.
It is a one of a kind method that allows me to look into your personal Incarnational Crystal and see what specifically we need to address in the session(s).
This 2 hour preparation of your chart comes at no additional cost. An in-depth chart discussion will take place prior to the session.

Specific Points Revealed In Your Chart: 

  • Psychological blocks and barriers you’ve been carrying from this and other lifetimes, as well as Ancestral Karma and how to deal with.
  • What mistakes you have made in other lifetimes that are still affecting your life today.
  • What unrealized potential you regret from the past, heavy feelings about what you could or should have done but you didn’t.
  • Karmic character traits (Shadow or “demons”). How to face them, accept and deal with your “demons”.
  • Potential etheric/genetic illnesses to be aware of.
  • Psychological barriers of the past and future that might be interfering with you going deeper into regression and healing.
  • Your unique Bio-numerological rhythms.

    $550 for a 4 hour long session 

Learn from the lessons of the past so you do not have to repeat them. Then we can move on to the wonders that the Source has planned for us.

~ Dolores Cannon

May 30, 2017