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What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a very natural state for everyone. 
We go in and out of hypnosis every day, all day long – driving a car on an auto-pilot, listening to a favorite song, watching a movie, reading a book, scrolling on social media.
It is a state of deep relaxation in the body and Conscious Mind, that allows the Subconscious Mind to receive new programming. Hypnotherapy combines Hypnosis with therapeutic tools and techniques to help you heal and create a permanent change in lifestyle, health and wellbeing. 






What To Expect?

Our session together typically lasts for 90 min.

Virtual or phone sessions require certain preparation that will be explained prior to the session time.
For best results it is highly recommended to follow guidelines when setting up for a virtual Hypnotherapy session. 

Statistically Hypnotherapy is more effective than any other traditional form of therapy/talk therapy.
On average,
powerful shifts take place within 6 – 9 sessions, however, it is still a process and not a magic wand. Results and time spent in Hypnotherapy will vary depending on the level of personal and mental  readiness to heal and transform.

In order to achieve desirable outcomes it is important to understand that dedication to doing the work and self reflection outside of the session is key.  


Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious.

~ Carl G. Jung
May 30, 2017