About Zhanna

To live an authentic and fulfilled life means to have congruency in thoughts, words, beliefs and behaviors. Be more truly human first, grounded in body and emotions, so that you can begin to act in a way that is congruent with your true soul’s purpose, realizing that spirituality and humanness are indistinguishable.

Zhanna Bright

My Origins and Struggles

My own journey of facing and overcoming adversity is what makes me deeply passionate about my work, helping others.
Born and raised in Soviet Union, I encountered much difficulty from an early age. Somehow, I intuitively knew that one day I would triumph over my circumstances. I did the deep work necessary and overcame as well as healed physical, emotional and mental abuse and sexual trauma, abandonment and continuous rejection.  
Born an Indigo child, I was highly sensitive, reserved. As a child I remember not knowing why we needed to use words in order to communicate with each other. Rather, I thought we could just send our thoughts. As far back as I can remember, I was fascinated by the patterns of nature and their parallels with human life. I began to appreciate these “weird” qualities much later after I fully accepted my authentic self and stopped trying to fit in. And nowadays I am helping others to heal trauma and attain this perceptual shift in order for them to live the life they really want.

On the Road to Myself

My inquisitive and intuitive temperament spurred a move to Thailand in my twenties. Even though I had a demanding job in tourism and hospitality on one of those gorgeous tropical islands with white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue sea, I still managed to start learning about meditation, yoga, Zen art and a Buddhist mentality that began to shatter my cultural and childhood conditioning. Needless to say, the level of poverty and suffering I’ve seen in some remote places in Asia completely shook my world. It made me believe that the conditions I grew up in weren’t the worst after all. It’s all about perspective!
Later I lived in Greece, Peru and Mexico absorbing the ancient wisdom and fully embracing every experience.
I learned to live and travel light, appreciating experiences rather than material possessions. The deeper I dove into self healing, the more clarity, balance and insight I discovered.
Most importantly, everyone and everything on my path was a teacher.


Finally in 2010 I arrived in the United States with only one suitcase, settling in sun-drenched California. Los Angeles in particular has brought a deeper transformation by connecting me with people and places that have been best for my journey and further evolution.
Natural curiosity and desire to be of service to others encouraged me to become a holistic health educator and practitioner and study the science of the physical body at the National Holistic Institute. I quickly realized that despite a healthy body, without emotional, mental and spiritual health there could not be wholeness, and I began searching for ways to integrate these critical components.

DeHypnotizing Humanity from Collective Trance

Finding myself fascinated with Psychology and consciousness, studied the Subconscious mind and human behavior. I became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles, as well as Past Life Regression therapist. Delving deeper into my work, I became certified in a unique method developed by brilliant minds in Russia, called Incarnational Numerology method. This allows me to provide a much fuller experience in PLR sessions. I quickly realized that hypnosis or hypnotic state is key to human awakening because it was used as the main tool to condition us into becoming what we are today as a society – programmed fear and blind obedience, pain and hard wired for suffering… moving further and further away from the Gods given power within us.
If Hypnosis was powerful enough to program us, so it can be used to undo and reprogram the collective consciousness.
In addition to my education I remain a student of life and the Universe learning from different angles in both languages that I speak, Russian and English.

In Human Experience Humanness Comes First

I realized that my premature spiritual search had created much confusion. This knowledge brought new clarity to my work and my own life. My path crossed with many people and communities that proudly wore the “spiritual” label, adhering to all the rituals, practices and using specific terms of the “ascension process”.
It finally occurred to me that they were still holding onto baggage, trauma and old wounds from the past. False spirituality turned out to be just another mask, preaching “love and light”. I realized that to grow spiritually we must grow in the human aspects, first and foremost. Refusing to perpetuate the cycle of the wounded healer spreading only light, I dove deep into the dark and that is where I found the gold. I surfaced with a profound understanding of personal capacity and inner power. There was no more searching for teachers outside myself, for everything I needed was within me all along.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung

The Ways I Serve

Recognizing that it was my calling to share these transformative experiences with others, I continued my line of work that I named Soul Congruency™ with the focus on Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. This includes Age Regression and Past Life Regression, bringing personal and intergenerational healing together, healing unresolved trauma, mastering fears, releasing false limiting belief systems and Karmic blocks and realizing one’s own potential.
Every soul can grow and see itself for what it is – pure potentiality.

Celebrating Life

For over a decade I bring my unique and effective approach to those who seek to live an above-average life, those who want to thrive; who know deep down that they were born for more than their current humdrum existence, who feel with every fiber of their being that they are here for a reason and are driven to discover that purpose. 
After nine years of living and working in Los Angeles, my significant other and I decided to move to a quieter place and today I welcome people in my office in Encinitas, San Diego as well as virtual video sessions worldwide.

With Love,

Zhanna Bright

    March 14, 2020