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Two magical mind portals to change your life

Do you also see vivid dreams these days?

I do and quite a few people shared the same thing.

Dreams are such an important aspect of life.

It’s where your soul goes to recharge and to heal in Astral travel.

And it’s trying to tell you something but the mind is so loud, it’s not easy to get through.

Did you know that there’s a magical 30min portal that opens twice a day?

First it’s when you wake up and second time is right before you fall asleep.

In those two short periods you can create miracles OR obstacles.

So many of us are guilty in checking our phones first thing in the morning,

Or reading news and mindlessly scrolling on social media in bed at night.

If you only knew the real power of this time, you’d lock your phone away in a separate room!

The truth is that in those magical 30min portals your subconscious mind is wide open with no defenses on guard.

You go into a different brainwave at that time, it’s a hypnotic state which allows deeper access.

It’s the best time to recalibrate your psyche and unconscious belief systems that secretly rule your life.

We are living in such an amazing epic time in history of Earth now.

Our current Planetary Pause allows us this opportunity to look within and face our own fears and limitations.

While we are born only with two fears – fear of loud noises and fear of being dropped, all other ones we learn throughout life. If they’re learned, they can be unlearned.

What is there that needs healing? Fear of not knowing what’s gonna happen next?

Desire to plan and control because you’re afraid to trust your journey? Maybe you’re afraid to be alone?

Maybe you have anxiety or panic attacks? Those come from fear too.

Whatever is showing up for you now is a good indicator that there’s an underlying issue.

You’re not randomly “stuck” at home. It’s a story you will be telling your children and grandchildren! Make it beautiful, transformative, evolutionary.

This is something to ask yourself in those 30min mind portals and perhaps to write down your thoughts and feelings that come up.

I invite you to really listen to your own soul these days when it’s quiet around, you don’t have to go anywhere, no need to sit in traffic or meet someone for lunch or dinner.

This time is given to us for a reason, a reason greater than what we now see on the surface.

Use this time wisely.

I love you.